About Sassy Gems

If you are looking for elegant, handcrafted, custom-designed jewelry, shop Sassy Gems by Geri’s online boutique. There you will find jewelry with a classy yet trendy feel. In many cases, the pieces are one of a kind, so the wearer will stand out in a crowd. If you are looking for something for that special occasion or special person, browse our Custom Designed page. If you need an attractive, classic tin cup necklace to wear with jeans, shop our Collection page. Visit our wedding page if you or someone close to you is planning for that big day.

Sassy Gems by Geri jewelry is created using sterling silver and gold-filled metals along with semiprecious stones, freshwater pearls, resin and wood beads, and Swarovski crystals. Pieces can be custom made to reflect your tastes and style, resulting in unique memorable designs.

Geri’s motivation for design comes from her appreciation of nature, love of jewelry, and the joy of creating exceptional pieces that others will treasure for years to come.

Gift cards are also available.